Intensive Care Air

Intensive Care Air

Highly equipped aircrafts and crew to assist your needs

The critical care air service that PEC Aviation provides is aimed towards patients that are being transported from one hospital unit to another. The situations that require such service can be quite complex, which is the reason why we do all we can to make the whole process go smoothly, without any hassle, while guaranteeing comfort to the patient, friends and family.

Our aircrafts are certified for the aerial transportation of those who are need of medical attention. For these patients, our airplanes are equipped with the most advanced medical equipment, and on board are servicing doctors and nurses.

Ensuring safe transport of patients is vital. The process of finding appropriate hospital bedding and ground transport is handed by a trained professional. The client, together with the patient’s doctor, will need to provide details requested by our medical crew in order to plan and enact the most appropriate and economical plan. This include itinerary, the logistics between the hospital, which aircraft to select, the appropriate medical procedure, the patient’s health state, and additional factors that determine the cost of the flight. The flight can proceed after the planning is complete.

PEC’s experience and credibility allows us to serve health insurance companies, business companies, individuals, and patients in complex situations that need a specific assistance in a short time.

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